In contrast to traditional learning environments, students at Phu Xuan University (PXU) engage with real-world businesses right from their first year. Let's join PXU on a practical learning journey at FPT Software with our first-year students!

Practical Learning – Bridging the Gap between School and Business

The three-year Formal University program at PXU has attracted the attention of many parents and students. With up to 70% of the curriculum dedicated to practical training, PXU understands that education is not only about imparting knowledge but also a crucial link between students and businesses. This is evident through the real-world tour program at FPT Software Huế designed for first-year students.

Sinh viên CNTT trường Đại học Phú Xuân học thực tế tại FPT Software
Representatives from FPT Software engaged in discussions and shared insights with students.

Practical Learning – Early Career Orientation

Students from the IT field (K21) had the opportunity to meet and converse with top experts from FPT Software. Through these discussions, students gained a deeper understanding of the nature of the IT industry and the practical requirements set by businesses. This helped them build accurate career directions from their first year.

Some snapshots from the field trip:

Sinh viên PXU học thực chiến tại FPT Software

Adding Job Opportunities and Networking

The field trip provided students with an experience of the office space at FPT Software Hue. Designed in the spirit of CodeCation, this space perfectly combines a relaxed working environment with lush greenery. It is not just a workplace but also a space that fosters creativity and dedication. With a goal of reaching 1,000 personnel by 2025, FPT Software aims to collaborate with the university to recruit interns and employees for students.

These trips are opportunities for students to get acquainted, showcase their eagerness, and demonstrate their capabilities to business managers. Currently, Phu Xuan University possesses a vast network of connections with major IT businesses for its students.

Dr. Tran Van Long, Head of the Technology – Business Faculty, shared, "The experience at the company from the beginning of the academic journey helps IT students understand job demands, work requirements, thereby planning their three-year university study at PXU!"

Information Technology – The Right Choice

Information technology is not just a field of study; it's a promising area for a large workforce in the future. The hands-on learning program at Phu Xuan University and the field trip to FPT Software Hue have ignited the passion for information technology among PXU's freshmen.

These business trips are evidence of the effectiveness of PXU's practical learning program. The classrooms not only help students build knowledge but also provide genuine opportunities for them to kickstart their careers early.

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