Job Placement Commitment

Regulations and Information on Employment Commitments

1. General Regulations and Concepts

1Phu Xuan University defines its development strategy as an applied university, closely linking education to societal needs, and focuses on developing careers for students through a comprehensive development of ATTITUDE - SKILLS - KNOWLEDGE.95% of formal university students find employment in their field within 6 months after graduation.
2The university fulfills its commitment to employment through the form of job referrals.It is applied flexibly based on the forecasted human resource needs of each training sector at each admission time (or upon graduation).
3"Job Referral" is a commitment by the university that graduating students will be ensured job referrals through the strong cooperative business network of the university. Alongside the university, students are responsible for cultivating their attitude (with specific requirements), ensuring time and study results, and complying with training requirements.The specific terms of the commitment are built on a voluntary basis, and both the university and students (along with their families) are required to implement them.
4"Employment Support" is a commitment by the university to support students in finding suitable jobs in their field after graduation with specific actions. Typically, these actions include contacting, guiding students, and introducing a maximum of 3 enterprises/organizations with job vacancies for interviews.Some contents may be incorporated into the internship program framework.
5In addition to the formal training program, some short-term training programs may also apply specific employment conditions for each program. 


2. Regulations for Incoming Students

1Commitment to support job referrals for students in all formal programs.Students with good results (to be specified) in attitude and academic performance will be guaranteed employment.

How is job referral ensured?

1Outcome standards are built based on the input of businesses when developing the training program framework.Workshops gathering business opinions were organized in 2018.
2Each lesson has an appropriate duration for practical problem-solving.Many practical contents can be guided by entrepreneur lecturers.
3Developing coherently in terms of ATTITUDE - SKILLS - KNOWLEDGE is a prerequisite to ensure employment.Attitude and skills (practical) scores are considered in the assessment of student learning outcomes in each course and throughout the learning process.


Not only to develop work skills and cultivate behavior in a real environment, but the OJT semester is also an excellent opportunity for students to interact with the future work environment, get acquainted with colleagues who are already in the field, and demonstrate their abilities to employers.

With a 3.5-year study period, students not only minimize at least 6 months of living expenses but, more importantly, compared to other students of the same batch at Phu Xuan University who graduate early (in March 2023 instead of July - August). This is particularly important for job opportunities, as in practice, most employers seek human resources to implement their annual plans from January to May. Phu Xuan University's final-year students can start working from the beginning of the year or right after Tet (Lunar New Year) or at the end of the first quarter, precisely when there is the highest demand for recruitment (even earlier - right after completing the OJT semester). This is a significant advantage for students.

Phu Xuan University establishes a close business cooperation network throughout all crucial stages: building outcome standards, constructing training programs, training methods involving entrepreneur lecturers, OJT semester, and graduation thesis topics. This close cooperation ensures that students leaving the university meet the requirements of businesses while creating opportunities for students to directly interact with businesses, employers, and experts. These professional relationships provide significant advantages for students in terms of job opportunities before and after graduation.