The Coding Bootcamp program provides a solution for training professional programmers, offering hands-on training in a short period, continuous and intensive practice. It is designed for individuals who have already graduated or will graduate from college/university and want to become programmers.

100% Job Guarantee

After 4-7 months of training, students will master programming techniques with languages such as JavaScript, Java, PHP, and TypeScript. They will participate in project groups using the Scrum model and common Agile techniques. Upon completion of the program, students can immediately take on the role of a full-stack programmer in various companies.

1. Students passionate about information technology, dedicated to learning.

2. Participate in an entrance test and interview to assess suitability for programming.

In October 2018, Phu Xuan University signed a cooperation agreement with the Thua Thien Hue Provincial People's Committee and CodeGym Vietnam Joint Stock Company to train and develop IT human resources for Thua Thien Hue Province.

Upon completing the course, students will:

1. Have skills for learning, working, and personal development, cultivating the required demeanor and attitude in the software industry.

2. Possess professional skills:
– Proficient use of JavaScript and Java languages.
– Master object-oriented programming techniques using JavaScript and Java.
– Use appropriate data structures in common situations.
– Create web applications.
– Use modern software programming tools (git, Linux).
– Effectively participate in Agile software development teams with CI (Continuous Integration).

Training Program and Schedule (Full-time Course - 4 months)
1Basic Programming4 weeks 
2Web Back-end Programming5 weeks 
3Web Front-end Programming2 weeks 
4Projects & Employment5 weeks 
Document Information:
A. Application Documents:
1Passport-sized photos
2National ID card
3Application form


B. Enrollment Documents:

1Admission Test Result Report
2Candidate Information Sheet
3Payment receipt
Tuition Fees and Payment Methods:

Tuition Fees

1Account and Materials Fee500.000đ
2Monthly Tuition Fee (Full-time Course - 4 months)7.000.000đ
 Monthly Tuition Fee (Part-time Course - 7 months)4.000.000đ
Payment Method:

Current students can directly pay tuition fees at the Finance - Accounting Department, 2nd floor, Building 28 Nguyen Tri Phuong - Hue City, or transfer via bank:

Account Name:Phu Xuan University
Account Number:112002652173
Bank:Vietinbank, Nam Thua Thien Hue Branch

Full Name - ID Number - Details (4 months)
Course Fee for Full-time 4-month Programming Course
Full Name - ID Number - Details (7 months)
Course Fee for Part-time 7-month Programming Course

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