5 Reasons to Choose Phu Xuan University for Your Studies

Since 2018, Phu Xuan University has heavily invested in modern facilities to create a friendly and contemporary learning environment for students. Ongoing plans to renovate and upgrade infrastructure ensure that students experience high-standard classrooms, expansive campus grounds, and a modern library with a diverse collection of books. Notably, the introduction of Learning Offices, combining school and office functionality, ensures a convenient learning experience, and all classrooms are equipped with supportive learning tools and air conditioning. Service offices at Phu Xuan are organized in an open-space model for the utmost convenience for students.


With a strategic goal of aligning education with employment, Phu Xuan University exclusively offers majors with high employability and sustainable career development prospects. Additionally, the university excels in faculties where it has a strong faculty and a well-established network with businesses, facilitating job placements for graduates.

Following the ASK model (Attitude – Skills – Knowledge), Phu Xuan University focuses on fundamentally innovating its teaching methods. Instead of emphasizing theoretical lectures, the new approach places a significant emphasis on practical training and real-world projects (50% of the course duration). The five-stage training program spans only 3.5 years.

From the academic year 2018–2019, this progressive teaching method has been applied at Phu Xuan: the Learning Office model, where students learn in a work-like environment, and Project-Based Learning. With this advanced teaching method, students acquire theoretical knowledge while developing practical skills through learning projects, fostering a professional work demeanor, and stimulating individual creativity.

- Introduction to the profession and specialized foundation

- Basic knowledge and specialized skills

- Foundation enhancement and specialization

- Learning in a business environment

- Graduation project


The mandatory Professional Introduction program for first-year students and the third-year internship (OJT) provide opportunities for students to hone their skills, gain practical work experience, and early exposure to potential future employers.

The university collaborates with businesses to invite entrepreneurial lecturers—business owners and industry experts currently working in the field—to guide and support students in real-world situations.


At Phu Xuan, everyone is encouraged to express themselves and is respected for personal development. The university's officials are dedicated to fully supporting students in their academic journey, fostering a bright and healthy environment. Any negative behavior, such as grade manipulation or disturbance to students, officials, partners, or businesses, is strictly prohibited and subject to the highest disciplinary measures if violated.