Automotive Engineering Technology

  The Automotive Engineering Technology field has been included in the list of "hot" industries in terms of labor demand and has become a trending choice for young people. In the current development trend of modern society, Vietnam considers the automotive industry as an important sector that needs priority development to contribute to the industrialization of the country. Furthermore, the investment of foreign automotive companies in Vietnam is growing rapidly. Therefore, in recent years, Automotive Engineering Technology  has become a "hot" field of study in our country because a high-quality workforce for this industry is always essential.

  Strengths of the Automotive Engineering Technology program at Phu Xuan University include a close relationship with businesses, the participation of business lecturers, and particularly students spending over 3 months working in a company during the On-the-Job Training (OJT) semester.

What do Automotive Engineering Technology graduates do? Where do they work?

  Graduates with a degree in Automotive Engineering Technology can engage in various roles such as operation engineers, overseeing the production of spare parts, accessories, and automobile assembly in manufacturing plants, repair facilities, automobile maintenance; inspectors at vehicle inspection stations; sales staff at automotive, engine, and spare parts businesses, and more.

  Additionally, Automotive Engineering Technology graduates can participate in teaching and research at training institutions, schools, centers, and research institutes specializing in automotive technology.

Who can study Automotive Engineering Technology?

  Automotive Engineering Technology is suitable for students who have an interest in economic research, enjoy learning foreign languages, have a high level of social activism, and possess good communication skills.

What makes studying Automotive Engineering Technology at Phu Xuan University special?

  • It is the pioneering university in Vietnam applying the Learning Office model – Learning like Working and Project-Based Learning – Project-Based Learning with practical training accounting for up to 60%.
  • The Bachelor's program lasts only 3 years.
  • The training program is closely linked between the University and Businesses following the CDIO standard.
  • The only university in Hue with a team of Entrepreneur Lecturers participating in teaching.
  • A commitment to providing job placement for 100% of students after graduation.
  • Students spend over 3 months working in a company during the OJT semester.
  • Modern facilities.
  • A dynamic, friendly, and transparent environment.

Training program for the Automotive Engineering Technology major at Phu Xuan University:

0Military semester – Education – National security and defense3–4 weeks 
1Introduction to the profession and specialized foundation16 weeks 
2Basic knowledge and professional skills48 weeksHave enough skills to work
3Advanced training and specialization48 weeks 
4On-the-Job Training (OJT) in a business environment16 weeks 
5Graduation project/thesis16 weeks 
Total training duration3 years9 semesters,
3 semesters / year

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