Business Administration – Marketing

Studying Business Administration – Marketing at Phu Xuan University is where practical business-oriented training takes place. Students learn from the best digital marketing experts in Vietnam and stay updated on new technologies. The program's top criterion is to be modern and not outdated, ensuring that Phu Xuan students can find employment in their field right from their seats at the university. Business administration is a field undergoing significant, profound, and rapid changes, making it suitable for dynamic and business-minded young people.

Business Administration at Phu Xuan attracts the attention of many young people. It is a broad field with various development directions. Phu Xuan University's strengths lie in close ties with businesses, the participation of business lecturers, and the application of information technology and marketing. Additionally, the quick graduation time allows students to start their careers early and provides more opportunities.

What do Business Administration graduates do? Where?

Graduates with a degree in Business Administration – Marketing can take on diverse roles such as business assistants, business officers, sales officers, commercial activities, import-export, content management, marketing, lecturers, independent business, and more. The Business Administration program at Phu Xuan University excels in the fields of marketing, digital marketing, and the application of technology in business – essential skills in the Industry 4.0 era.

Who can study Business Administration?

Business administration is a field that does not have excessively high requirements for any specific subject or skill. However, to succeed in the profession, there are some essential requirements for applicants pursuing the Business Administration major: having an interest in marketing and business activities, having a high level of social activism, having good communication skills, etc.

0Military semester – Education – National security and defense3–4 weeks 
1Introduction to the profession and specialized foundation16 weeks 
2Basic knowledge and professional skills48 weeksHave enough skills to work
3Advanced training and specialization48 weeks 
4On-the-Job Training (OJT) in a business environment16 weeks 
5Graduation project/thesis16 weeks 
Total training duration3 years9 semesters,
3 semesters / year


The main enrollment period for regular undergraduate programs at Phu Xuan University begins after the annual September 2nd holiday. New students start their journey by entering the university and participating in the "Orientation Week" to familiarize themselves with the new learning environment, teachers, the university, peers, and students from previous years.

Following this, new students will engage in a "Military Semester" that lasts for three weeks. This is a crucial period for new students to get accustomed to collective living, develop collaborative habits, team spirit, and obtain the Security Education and National Defense certificate, which is a mandatory requirement for a bachelor's degree.

In the "Introduction to the Profession" semester, students will learn and acquaint themselves with the specialized learning methods and tools of Phu Xuan University, as well as the foundational knowledge of the IT industry, preparing for the next stage.

1English 13 
2Learning Methods at PXU3 
3Introduction to Business Administration3 
4Basic Marketing3 
5Business Environment3 
1English 23 
2Consumer Behavior3 
3Customer Relationship Management3 
4Content marketing3 
5Social Media, Viral Marketing, and Facebook Marketing3 
1English 33 
2Business and Business Operations3 
3Organizational Behavior3 
4Event Organization3 
5Website and Search Tools3 
1Specialized English 13 
2Business Law3 
3Marketing Strategy3 
4Global Business Environment3 
5SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, and Telemarketing3 
1Specialized English 23 
2Human Resource Management3 
3Marketing Research3 
4Google Ads and Google Analytics3 
5Web Management3 
1Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 12 
2Fundamental Principles of Marxism-Leninism 23 
3Brand Management3 
1Ho Chi Minh's Ideology2 
2Revolutionary Path of the Communist Party of Vietnam3 
3Interview, Job Searching, and Employment3 
4International Marketing3 

This semester involves students learning in the practical environment of a business. In addition to accumulating 15 specialized credits, students will become familiar with the practical requirements of the job and be guided by working experts.

The OJT semester is also the time for students to choose and begin preparing for their graduation thesis with topics derived from practical activities at the OJT-receiving businesses.

This is the time for students to consolidate all the knowledge and skills they have accumulated to complete their graduation thesis. Since 2019, 100% of Phu Xuan University students will undertake the completion and defense of their graduation thesis before the university's thesis defense council. With the graduation thesis, students will accumulate 10 specialized credits.

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