Multimedia Communication

What is Multimedia Communication? Career Trends in 2023

1. Introduction to Multimedia Communication

The field of multimedia communication may sound unfamiliar, but it is a sector we encounter every day. It's likely that you are already utilizing multimedia communication skills. Whenever we use social media, watch television, see outdoor advertisements, or hold a newspaper, all of these are part of multimedia communication. With the advancement of technology, the field of multimedia communication has undergone significant breakthroughs. Multimedia communication has expanded its sphere of influence, providing students with exciting career opportunities. The field is predicted to continue growing in the future and is considered one of the most sought-after disciplines in the era of Industry 4.0.


Multimedia Communication – A "Hot" Field Leading the Way to Exciting Job Opportunities


Exploring the Field of Multimedia Communication

In simple terms, multimedia communication is the integration of technology and communication. It involves applying information technology in creating and designing artistic products in various communication areas such as advertising, television, news, entertainment (games, films, animations), healthcare (simulation, remote medical consultations), education (career guidance, visual illustration), and many other aspects of life.

2. The Impact of Multimedia Communication on Society 

In the age where information holds significant power, the development of society has intensified the role of communication. Every socio-economic activity is closely connected with communication, making it a focal point. The effectiveness of communication plays a crucial role in determining the success of organizational activities.

Wide Application of Multimedia Communication in Modern Life

Therefore, Multimedia Communication is currently a rapidly growing field, creating numerous high-paying job opportunities. Technological advancements allow professionals in multimedia communication to seek employment not only domestically but also internationally. In fact, all organizations, from governments to businesses, require multimedia communication, making it a high-demand sector for skilled professionals.

3. What to do after graduating in Multimedia Communication? What about Income?

The multimedia communication field has broad applications in community life. The scope

of work in this field is diverse, offering highly attractive salaries.

Upon graduation, depending on their specialization, multimedia communication graduates can work in various positions:

– Manage, edit, and create content for print media, publications, and book covers (at media agencies, online newspapers, publishing houses).

– Edit and create television programs, films, process audio-visual content before broadcasting, design television content, or work on film special effects (at television companies, film production companies).

– Advertising design specialists, advertising consultants, packaging design, product branding, logo design, advertising film production, or brand identity systems (at advertising agencies, PR companies).

– Design and build websites, interface design, functionality design, content creation (at software development companies, website development firms).

– Graphic design, modeling, application in fields such as healthcare, industry, tourism, services, education, etc. (at graphic design companies).

– Teaching at training institutions, universities, or vocational schools related to the industry.

4. Which Subject Combinations Does the Multimedia Communication Field Consider? 

Many candidates are interested in the subject combinations for Multimedia Communication. The Multimedia Communication major has the code 7320104. Those interested in Multimedia Communication can choose to take exams in the following subject combinations:

  • A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
  • A01 (Math, Physics, English)
  • C00 (Literature, History, Geography)
  • D01 (Literature, Math, English)
  • D03 (Literature, Math, French)
  • D04 (Literature, Math, Chinese)
  • D09 (Math, History, English)
  • D11 (Literature, Physics, English)

5. Outstanding Advantages of Studying Multimedia Communication at Phu Xuan University

In 2023, Phu Xuan University officially introduced the Multimedia Communication major into its curriculum. Students can register for the major starting from the first semester of grade 12 through the high school transcript evaluation process, with a subject combination score of 18 points (applicants scoring 16.5 points or above will be interviewed for direct admission). 

Phu Xuan University not only offers the advantage of a bachelor's program within a short period of 3 years but also has many other strengths. 

One notable strength of the Multimedia Communication program at Phu Xuan University is the application of the Learning Office model - Learning like Working and Project-Based Learning - with a practical duration of up to 60%. This provides students with the opportunity to access and familiarize themselves with real projects in the field of multimedia communication, thereby developing the necessary skills and experience to work in the industry.


PXU Students Engaged in Real Projects in Multimedia Communication


Phu Xuan University offers a bachelor's degree program in Multimedia Communication with a 3-year learning trajectory.

Additionally, the program provides knowledge in the fields of arts and information technology, allowing students to have a comprehensive perspective and simultaneously master the necessary skills to work in multimedia communication. Moreover, students are equipped with soft skills, boosting their confidence in professional environments. The distinctive features of studying Multimedia Communication at Phu Xuan University include:

– A tightly integrated training program between the University and Enterprises following the CDIO standard.

– A commitment to providing job opportunities for 100% of students after graduation.

– Students undergo over 3 months of practical work in enterprises during the Internship Semester (OJT).

– Modern facilities.

– A dynamic, friendly, and transparent learning environment.

Become a Phu Xuan University student today through the high school transcript evaluation - direct admission to the regular university program! 

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