Scientific Research & International Cooperation

Proactively engaging in and intensifying scientific research and international cooperation to elevate Phu Xuan University's stature.

Over the past two decades, marked by significant changes, since its transfer to the EQuest Group in 2018 with the aim of enhancing partnerships in the fields of scientific research and international cooperation, the University established the Department of Science, Technology, and International Cooperation in November 2020. The personnel of the Department include one head, two permanent staff members, and two adjunct professors. With the goal of enhancing faculty scientific research to move towards international integration, the Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation has implemented various activities since its establishment.

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Thanks to the emphasis on scientific research activities, the outcomes related to the scientific research endeavors of faculty members and students have significantly improved in recent years. Specifically, in the past, the number of general scientific research works and those with collaborative partners was quite limited. However, from 2018 to 2023, substantial progress has been made, including 5 collaborative projects, 2 jointly written books, 6 collaborative projects, over 60 jointly written papers, and 4 articles published in jointly written proceedings. Several projects initiated by faculty and students have garnered attention and investment from the university to boost the research momentum.

Furthermore, the international cooperation efforts of Phu Xuan University have been a major focus and have seen substantial development from 2018 to the present. Throughout its 20-year history of formation and growth, the university has never been as actively engaged in opening its doors, seeking, and welcoming numerous foreign delegations. On average, the university hosts nearly 30 international delegations annually for visits and exploration of collaboration opportunities, including delegations from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and more. The university also takes the initiative to send many faculty members for study and exchange experiences abroad, including visits to Thailand, China, the United States, Indonesia,... 

Every year, the university facilitates internships for students in Thailand and China.

Moreover, the number of international collaborative projects has continuously expanded in recent years. Noteworthy are the international projects that the university has undertaken from 2019 to the present. Specifically, the university is actively involved in projects serving the community, such as the "Empowering Ethnic Minority Youth in Vietnam to Re-Vision the Future of Decent Work" (Re-WORK) project. This project aims to enhance the status and capabilities of ethnic minority students in Vietnam to reorient them towards suitable future employment. Phu Xuan University is one of the four main partners approved by the British Academy; the "Monitoring Trends In Vietnamese Employment" (MOTIVE) project, which focuses on researching the employment situation of graduates in Vietnam and making recommendations for policy innovation and improving the quality of university education in Vietnam. This project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. The "Supporting the Integration and Access of Students with Disabilities at Universities in the ASEAN Network" (ALIGN) project has also been approved by the Global Challenges Research Fund and the Institute of Health Sciences.

Launching Ceremony

Digi: Đổi Project

In 2023, commemorating the 20th anniversary of its establishment, the "Digi:Đổi" digital transformation alliance project is sponsored by the Global Partnership Program (GGP) of the British Council. It officially launched in February 2023 based on the results of the report "Digital Readiness in Vietnamese Universities." The project, led by Phu Xuan University in collaboration with the University of Liverpool John Moores, United Kingdom, envisions executing the 2023-2025 phase. It aims to have a long-term impact on digital transformation in higher education in Vietnam, as well as ASEAN countries and the United Kingdom. The strategy revolves around placing students at the center for collaboration, co-creation, and development through project-based learning methodologies.

December 2022 in Indonesia

Students from Phu Xuan University participated in a cultural exchange program at UMG University

In addition to undertaking international projects, the university has actively facilitated student internships abroad in recent years. Specifically, the university has engaged in various student exchange activities with international partners, such as sending a student delegation to UMG University in Indonesia in 2022 and sending 10 students for internships at hotels in Thailand in June 2023.

With a proactive and expansive development approach aligned with national goals in recent years, the university has enhanced its reputation and position within the community. Phu Xuan University aspires to be a pioneering institution in international integration and innovation, contributing to the development of Vietnam's education system on par with the region and the world.