RAP School has become one of the "specialties" in the artistic playground of Gen Z at Phu Xuan University. These young and distinctive individuals expressed themselves through an energetic EDM & Rap night.

RAP & EDM Night – Energetic Gen Z Vibe for PXU Students

Organized in a format that resonates with the Gen Z music genre, Rap & EDM Night was successful in capturing the interest and enthusiastic participation of new students. Dynamic moments and high-energy music performances created an interesting and energetic atmosphere.

Recognizing the friendly school environment, understanding Gen Z to organize student activities is always a priority for PXU. The choice to organize an art night with Rap and EDM genres delighted many young people.

Gathering many charismatic "school rappers" from Gen Z

The night featured performances by "school rappers" and lively EDM shows, led by DJ BOFF, dancers, and rappers like VPah (Vũ), Minh Trí, Phan Ngọc Tân, Phú.

Dinh Phong Cảnh Vũ, a rapper who composed the song "PX You," which has gained popularity among students recently, opened the exchange night. Cảnh Vũ shared that "PX You" is a song about the joy of young people relieved to find a suitable educational environment, just like the rapper found at PXU.

Rap học đường
School rapper Cảnh Vũ interacts with the audience

In addition, new PXU students demonstrated their enthusiasm and competitiveness, not inferior to their senior peers during this music night. Quang Phú (class K21) also ignited the stage with many hit rap songs. Phú shared: "To shape the person I am today, Rap music is an indispensable part. I love Rap because it is a genre that can express feelings, defend the weak against the strong, and reflect reality. Joining Rap allows me to express my feelings, reveal the hidden corners behind the heart, and inspire positive energy for everyone around."

Đêm nhạc RAP sinh viên sôi động
Quang Phú – Freshman from class K21 rocking the RAP & EDM night

The dynamic Gen Z generation at PXU

Even though they have just started their studies for less than a month, many new students from class K21 have shown their confidence and enthusiasm. Not only participating in artistic activities, these "newbies" also actively engage in volunteer activities, charity work, and various skills.

Sinh viên tình nguyện giúp trẻ mồ côi
PXU students provide 300 meals at Long Tho Pagoda for orphans

The new academic year 2023-2024 promises to be an explosive year for Gen Z at Phu Xuan University. Let's look forward to it.

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