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The international integration is creating opportunities for collaboration and expanding markets for Vietnamese enterprises. In this context, individuals in Public Relations play a particularly crucial role in bringing Vietnamese brands and products to a global audience. Many dynamic and enthusiastic young people choose to pursue this innovative field of study. Do you have a clear understanding of the field that companies welcome, and the optimal study path to gain an advantage after graduation? Phu Xuan University will provide you with an overview of the Public Relations field to make an informed decision.

1. Introduction to Public Relations - a dynamic and creative field of study

Public Relations, abbreviated as PR in English, involves managing community relationships to build and maintain a positive image for an organization or business. PR professionals act as a bridge between businesses and customers, communities, investors, the media, shaping and affirming the brand or organization during development.

Although a relatively new field in Vietnam, Public Relations continues to attract attention from many candidates due to its innovative and dynamic nature. Additionally, the digital economy contributes to the rising prominence of the PR industry.

Ngành Quan hệ công chúng - ngành học năng động và sáng tạo
Public Relations – a Dynamic and Creative Field of Study

2. What do you study in the Public Relations field? What qualities are needed?

Students studying Public Relations will receive integrated training in communication, journalism, marketing, etc. Simultaneously, they will undergo in-depth training in various forms of journalism, understanding the creative mechanisms of communication for PR purposes. Furthermore, students will enhance their professional demeanor in interviewing, reporting, and news writing. As a result, PR students can work in various positions in the field of communication.

To succeed in the Public Relations field, students need to cultivate the following qualities:

  • Communication skills to convey information and connect with relevant parties.
  • Writing skills to edit professional content.
  • Quick information grasping ability to seize good opportunities and timely address issues.
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving skills to manage risks in the job.
  • Sense of responsibility, compliance with legal regulations, and professional ethics.
  • Organizational and time management skills to ensure efficient and timely implementation of campaigns and projects within budget constraints.

3. Wide-ranging Opportunities in the Public Relations Field

In the present scenario, it's not only companies and businesses that prioritize brand communication. Government agencies, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, schools, community groups, etc., also focus on building a positive image. Therefore, students in the Public Relations field have numerous options for job positions and workplaces after graduation:

  • PR specialists in government agencies, private businesses, non-governmental organizations…
  • Journalists, editors, broadcasters in press and media agencies
  • Analysts and consultants in public relations
  • Event organizers
  • Content creators, scriptwriters
  • Program hosts…

4. Admission Criteria and Standards for Public Relations

Questions like "Which subject group does the Public Relations field belong to?" and "What is the admission score for Public Relations?" are common concerns among applicants. To secure admission, candidates should be aware of the specific subjects required by their chosen field of study and the target scores to achieve. This knowledge allows for effective study investment and preparation.

The Public Relations field has the industry code 7320108. Candidates interested in Public Relations can choose to take exams in the following subject groups:

  • A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
  • A01 (Math, Physics, English)
  • C00 (Literature, History, Geography)
  • D01 (Literature, Math, English)

The admission score for Public Relations in Vietnam typically varies depending on the university and the specific training program. Generally, the admission score for this field ranges from 20 to 26 points. However, admission scores can fluctuate annually based on the number of applicants and the competitiveness of the admissions process. Additionally, some universities may have special requirements or direct admission programs for specific cases.

Why Choose to Study Public Relations at Phu Xuan University?

The Public Relations program at Phu Xuan University is optimized for a 3-year duration, allowing students to save time and study costs.

Phu Xuan University is a pioneering institution in applying the Learning Office and Project-Based Learning models. Students gain early access to fundamental and specialized knowledge in the field. Approximately 70% of the class time is dedicated to practical learning, helping students familiarize themselves with industry-related tasks right in the classroom. The Public Relations program at Phu Xuan University is updated based on the knowledge from leading developed countries in the field of Communication Marketing.

In addition to the reputable faculty at the university, students also learn from experts in the field of Public Relations and entrepreneurs in the communication and marketing sectors. Moreover, the closely-knit university-industry training program according to CDIO standards provides opportunities for students to intern at companies and receive salaries starting from the second year. 

Currently, the university is implementing various attractive policies and scholarships, such as free accommodation for 3 years, scholarships covering up to 100% of tuition fees, etc. Applicants can find more details here .

Phu Xuan University offers transcript evaluation, providing opportunities for candidates to be directly admitted to regular university programs.

Especially, the university commits to securing employment for 100% of its students immediately after graduation. 

Trường Đại học Phú Xuân - trường đại học đào tạo ngành Quan hệ công chúng chất lượng
Phu Xuan University – a quality university training in the field of Public Relations.

Phu Xuan University – a quality university training in the field of Public Relations.

We hope that the above information has helped applicants gain a clearer understanding of the Public Relations field, allowing them to confidently pursue their favorite field of study. For additional information, please contact Phu Xuan University for detailed consultation:

Wishing all applicants success and favorable results in the upcoming university admissions. 

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