Food Technology

Vietnam is currently in the process of deep integration into the global market. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for high-quality processed food products. Therefore, the Vietnamese food technology industry requires a skilled workforce capable of processing and developing agricultural products in terms of quality, design, and food safety.

This investment aims to bring Vietnamese food products in line with demanding markets such as the United States, Australia, European countries, and ASEAN countries. Consequently, the Food Technology industry is considered a robust and promising field of study for the future.

Introduction to Food Technology - Paving the Way for the Future

Food Technology is a field specializing in the preservation and processing of agricultural products, evaluating product quality during food processing, researching and developing new products, operating production and preservation lines, creating new materials in the food or pharmaceutical industries, and chemistry.

The food technology industry plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety for consumers. Additionally, it contributes significantly to the development of new products to meet the growing demands of the market for high-quality and diverse food products.

Why Choose to Study Food Technology?

1. Rapid Development of the Food Technology Industry:

Food Technology ranks second in the top three leading industries in labor demand from 2015 to 2025. It is asserting its position in the Vietnamese economy. With the trend of integration, this industry has expanded and diversified its cooperative relationships with other countries to enhance competitiveness in the international market. Many food companies continuously invest to diversify product types and improve quality. As a result, there are always suitable job positions for food technology engineers.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has classified the food industry into the group of sectors that are currently competitive, and with its strong development as it stands, this will be a key economic sector for Vietnam in the near future. Consequently, the future of talented and passionate food technology engineers will not only be secure but is certain to expand further.

2. Diversity in the Field:

Food Technology is a vast field with many career development opportunities. You can work in various areas such as product development, quality control, research and development, or even production management.

What to Study in Food Technology?

Students will be trained in general education and specialized knowledge in Food Technology, covering typical specialized subjects such as:

– Research and development of food products

– Processing technology: Vegetables, fruits; cereals; meat, milk, eggs; alcohol and beer production

– Food refrigeration technology

– Design of food factories

– Food safety and hygiene

– Nutrition

– Food quality assessment

– Food biochemistry

– Food microbiology

Given the specific nature of the industry, students will regularly practice in laboratories, familiarize themselves with practical analysis tasks, evaluate hygiene and safety levels, and participate in food production, processing, and preservation processes.

Qualities Needed to Pursue Food Technology:

To pursue a degree in Food Technology, you need the following qualities:

– Passion for technology and research

– Creativity, analytical, and synthesis skills

– Logical thinking, debating skills

– Sharp understanding of others' psychology and interests

– Interest in the food and dining service industry

Career Opportunities in Food Technology:

Being dubbed the "most difficult to be unemployed" field of study, Food Technology is gradually asserting its importance in the integrated economy with vast career prospects:

– Production Management: You can work as a manager overseeing the processing, preservation, and production lines at food manufacturing and processing businesses, research institutes, and companies related to food production.

– Quality Inspection: The food produced always requires inspectors to ensure that the products meet safety and quality standards.

– Marketing and Sales: You can entirely become a Marketing and Sales specialist in the Food Technology industry to bring products to a wide range of consumers worldwide.

– Training and Education: The Food Technology industry always needs educators to train experts with high qualifications in this field.

– Nutrition Consulting Expert: Opportunities abound to become a community nutrition consultant, specialized in clinical nutrition, and food safety and hygiene at nutrition centers, healthcare centers, and preventive healthcare centers.

Admission Requirements for Food Technology:

The Food Technology major has the code 7540101. Interested candidates can choose to take the following subject combinations:

  • A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)
  • A01 (Math, Physics, English)
  • B00 (Math, Chemistry, Biology)
  • C08 (Literature, Chemistry, Biology)
  • D01 (Math, Literature, English)
  • D07 (Math, Chemistry, English)
  • D14 (Literature, History, English)
  • D15 (Literature, Geography, English)

Best University for Food Technology in Hue: Phu Xuan University

In Hue, students can study Food Technology at Phu Xuan University. Currently, applicants can be admitted based on their high school transcript with a minimum of 18 points (those scoring 16.5 points in the interview can also be admitted) and have the opportunity for direct admission to the regular university. 

Why Choose to Study Food Technology at Phu Xuan University?

Students studying Food Technology at Phu Xuan University also enjoy numerous advantages:

– The Bachelor's program in Food Technology at PXU has high applicability, with a focus on practical exercises closely aligned with real-world scenarios.

– The university frequently organizes activities to connect with businesses, exchanges with experts, and creates many useful academic platforms for students' comprehensive development.

– Students learn alongside entrepreneurial lecturers, providing a favorable condition to quickly access and improve professional knowledge and skills.

– High-paying job opportunities with leading companies in the Food Technology industry.

– Graduate in 3 years and secure employment immediately.

Special Note: In the 2023 admission season, the university offers three admission methods:

– Admissions based on the results of the national high school graduation examination

– Admissions based on high school transcripts

– Direct admissions

Additionally, nearly 100 scholarships, valued up to 100% of tuition fees, are offered to new students entering in 2023. This initiative aims to provide the best conditions for talented young individuals and those who have overcome challenges to confidently realize their UNIVERSITY DREAM.

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