Orientation Week with a series of skill workshops and exciting activities has left a strong impression on the freshmen at Phu Xuan University in the new academic year. Let's take a look at these unforgettable moments of learning and playing!

Close interaction with professors – Revealing valuable information for freshmen

The orientation week for freshmen kicked off with an intimate meeting with Ph.D. holders who are department heads, heads of faculties, and the newcomers of the new academic year.

With an open educational environment, the distance between lecturers and students will be reduced. This means that PXU will create an environment where students feel comfortable and close enough to share their difficulties and aspirations. The presence of department heads at the meeting added energy and helped students gain a better understanding of the university.

Tiến sĩ Nguyễn Duy Thuận - trưởng phòng Đào tạo trường Đại học chia sẻ tại buổi gặp mặt với tân sinh viên
Dr. Nguyen Duy Thuan – Head of Training Department sharing at the meeting

Moreover, freshmen were given "inside" information about the university, the majors they are pursuing, training regulations, and rules, allowing them to set goals for themselves.

Resilient and confident freshmen from the first year

With an emphasis on attitude and skills, soft skills training programs are no longer unfamiliar at Phu Xuan University. True to the theme "Skill Day," the Orientation Week provided valuable knowledge and essential soft skills for the K21 freshmen.

Engaging learning in an interesting format

This year, the program featured skills instructors, including TV host/MC Nhu Nguyet (VTV journalist, event organizer, and soft skills lecturer). Freshmen had the opportunity to train in:

  • Self-positioning skills, "I am confident – I shine," communication, and relationship-building
    Presentation skills and critical thinking
Memorable moments from the freshmen's class

Wholeheartedly participating in vibrant student movements

To dispel the shyness and hesitation of the newbies, PXU freshmen joined a series of dynamic extracurricular activities right from the first week.

The exchanges of Clubs, teams, and student groups that are active at the university took students from one surprise to another. PXU has nearly 10 active student clubs, providing an "ideal" environment for students to improve themselves over the three years of study.

Additionally, the impressive PXU EDM & Rap exchange night must be mentioned. The participation of art clubs alongside freshmen created a grand opening for the new 2K5 cohort. The spirited and synchronized participation of students from different classes created unforgettable memories.

Proud to be a PXU freshman

The first moments of the student life have left beautiful memories for the K21 cohort at Phu Xuan University. The successful Orientation Week brought a beneficial "learn and play" program.

Phu Xuan University, under the EQuest Education Organization, is currently one of the pioneering universities in Vietnam applying the 3-year Regular University model with a nationwide business network. Freshmen will quickly access and study at businesses from the first year.

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