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The English Language program giảng dạy tại Trường ĐH Phú Xuân có thời lượng thực hành chiến từ 60-70% vì thế các sinh viên khi ra trường sẽ thành thạo các kỹ năng nghe – nói – đọc – viết. Trường cũng là nơi có quy mô sinh viên trong các lớp ngôn ngữ là 25 sinh viên, đảm bảo chất lượng của việc học kỹ năng trong các môn học chuyên ngành.

The application of Information Technology in language learning, along with an open, proactive training approach and enhanced communication, are the core strengths of the program. The goal of the English Language program at Phu Xuan University is to develop native-level language skills and cultural understanding, adapting to Western communication and work practices.

What can Bachelor of English Language graduates do? Where can they work?

Graduates in English Language have a wide range of future career options: translation/interpretation, language research, tour guiding, language teaching, or in cultural, commercial, import/export agencies, or language support roles in businesses.

Who can study English Language?

English Language is a field that does not require aptitude in natural or technical sciences. However, students pursuing English Language usually have a certain proficiency level upon completing high school.

In addition to having an interest in the field, the following characteristics/personalities will be advantageous for students: diligence, patience, communication skills, and no pronunciation deficiencies.

Program Overview:
0Military semester – Education – National security and defense3–4 weeks 
1Introduction to the profession and specialized foundation16 weeks 
2Basic knowledge and professional skills48 weeksHave enough skills to work
3Advanced training and specialization48 weeks 
4On-the-Job Training (OJT) in a business environment16 weeks 
5Graduation project/thesis16 weeks 
Total training duration3 years9 semesters,
3 semesters/year

The main admission periods for regular undergraduate programs at Phu Xuan University begin after the annual September 2 holiday. New students start their academic journey and participate in the "orientation week" to get acquainted with the new learning environment, professors, the university, peers, and senior students.

Next, freshmen will engage in a "Military Training Semester" lasting three weeks. This crucial time allows new students to familiarize themselves with collective life, develop teamwork habits and camaraderie, and obtain the required Military Education and National Defense certificates, mandatory for bachelor's degrees.

During the "Introduction to the Profession" semester, students will learn and familiarize themselves with the methods and tools of professional learning at Phu Xuan University and the foundational knowledge of the Information Technology field, preparing them for the next stage.

1Introduction to the Profession3 
2PXU - Training Method and Tools3 
3Phonetics – Phoneme3 
4Communication 1: Basic situational communication3 
5Reading 1: Reading short sentences and paragraphs3 
1Communication 2: Advanced communication  
2Reading 2: News & Articles reading3 
3Writing 1: Post writing3 
4English Grammar3 
5Chinese 13 
1Communication 3: Business meetings3 
2Practical Translation 13 
3Writing 2: Paragraph writing3 
4Reading 3: Business reading3 
5Chinese 23 
1Communication 4: Basic IELTS Speaking and Listening3 
2Business Correspondence in English3 
3Specialized Topic 1: IELTS Reading3 
4Specialized Topic 2: Writing 3 – Essay writing3 
5Chinese 33 
1Language Argumentation3 
2Public speaking3 
3Specialized Topic 3: English Culture3 
4Specialized Topic 4: Writing 4 (Advanced Writing)3 
5Practical practice3 
1Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism (1)2 
2Basic Principles of Marxism-Leninism (2)3 
3Cultural Exchange3Specialized in Tourism
4Industry Trends 1: Practical Translation 23 
Industry Trends 2: Advanced Translation Practice
1Specialized Topic 53 
2Interview, Job Searching, and Employment3 
3Ho Chi Minh's Ideology3 
4The Revolutionary Path of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam3 

During the "Internship Semester," students will be immersed in the practical environment of the business. In addition to accumulating 15 specialized credits, students will become familiar with the practical job requirements and be guided by working experts.

The OJT (On-the-Job Training) semester is the time for students to choose and prepare for the graduation thesis with topics derived from practical activities in businesses that accept OJT.

Starting from 2019, all Phu Xuan University students will conduct their graduation thesis and defense before the university's thesis board. With the graduation thesis, students accumulate 10 specialized credits.

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