Căn cứ Kế hoạch đào tạo năm học 2022-2023, Phòng TTKT & ĐBCL thông báo về việc tổ chức thi kết thúc các học phần Lần 1 – Đợt 2 – Học kỳ SPRING –Năm học 2022-2023.


  1. The specific examination schedule is as follows:



  1. List of students assigned to examination rooms:




  • The examination will take place at 176 Tran Phu, Phu Xuan University.
  • Students must bring their student ID to enter the examination room.
  • Students should arrive 15 minutes before the exam to complete the entry procedures.
  • The list does not include students who are prohibited from taking the exam and those who have not paid tuition fees;
  • Dress appropriately and according to the regulations when entering the examination room.