On the morning of June 17, 2019, at the Learning Office of Phu Xuan University, a signing ceremony took place to formalize the cooperation agreement in education and training between Phu Xuan University and STEi Academy, Singapore.

Participating in the signing ceremony were representatives from STEi Academy, including Mr. Michael Chen - President of the academy, Ms. Christine Tan - Director of the academy. Phu Xuan University was represented by Dr. Dam Quang Minh - President of the university, along with faculty members, lecturers, and students from the K14 class who attended the event.

Signing ceremony between Phu Xuan University and STEi Academy

Under the collaboration, STEi will provide a one-year hotel management program designed for university students, and the academy will train lecturers specializing in tourism and hotel restaurant management for Phu Xuan University.

Faculty and students participating in the signing ceremony for the collaboration between Phu Xuan University and STEi Academy.

The training program emphasizes a combination of theory and practical experience, achieved through internships at 4 or 5-star hotels in Singapore alongside training at the STEi Academy. After completing the course at STEi Academy, students will continue their studies at Phu Xuan University or any specialized hotel and restaurant training academy in the UK or Europe.

Mr. Michael Chen, President of STEi Academy, introduces the training programs.

A notable aspect of the collaboration between Phu Xuan University and STEi Academy is the enhancement of the quality of education in the field of tourism and hotel restaurant management, supporting the international training position of Phu Xuan University. Importantly, students from Phu Xuan University will find suitable employment opportunities in the international working environment of 4 to 5-star hotels in Asia or European and American countries.