Recently, young leaders and members of the PXU Youth Union had an interesting training session on Youth Union skills. The program was jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Phu Xuan University and the Student Union of the university.

Youth Union Skills - Towards Comprehensive Development for Students

Not only focusing on specialized knowledge, soft skills are an integral part of the curriculum at PXU. In addition to developing skills through classroom sessions, youth activities are also a playground for students to develop more comprehensively.

Buổi tập huấn kỹ năng Đoàn Hội của trường Đại học Phú Xuân

Recently, the university collaborated with two youth organizations at PXU to implement the workshop series "Training to enhance Youth Union skills and develop student movements." The program spanned several training sessions with different topics, and the main speakers were young youth leaders who had achieved certain successes in student activities.

The first training session attracted the interest and participation of many students, with the presence of Mr. Hoang Quoc Hung - Secretary of the University Youth Union, Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong - President of the Student Union, along with other members of the 2023-2025 Student Union Executive Committee.

New PXU students getting closer to Youth Union skills

Right from the early days of enrollment, new students had the opportunity to interact with dynamic senior students through Youth Union programs. Notably, during the first-term Citizenship Activity Week, representatives of the Youth Union, Student Union, and various clubs had a networking session with the newbies.

In this workshop on Youth Union skills, the student movement leadership introduced more about the two organizations and the "Five Good Students" movement, as well as the academic year plan for 2023-2024 at Phu Xuan University.

Beneficial to learn new Youth Union skills

Students were excited to learn new skills such as:

  • Building and developing Clubs, Teams, and Groups: This is an essential part of Youth Union skills and the development of student movements. The training session focused on providing the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out this task.
  • Skills in grasping ideas, persuading, and presenting: These Youth Union skills are crucial in creating positive interactions with students and shaping successful movement activities.

The program not only stopped at sharing theories but also incorporated interesting minigames.

The training session contributed to helping students hone their Youth Union skills, thereby jointly developing the movement and promising lively student activities. The upcoming training sessions will further help students master these skills, contribute to their personal development, and contribute to the development of the university and the surrounding community. Stay tuned to the website for updates!