The short-term course is designed for business officers, marketing professionals, admissions personnel, website content managers, shop owners managing fan pages, online entrepreneurs, homestay owners, or students majoring in Economics, Technology, Foreign Languages, Tourism, or anyone interested in business.

The course consists of 2 modules:

Module 1: Facebook and Facebook Ads

Module 2: Google + Landing page

At the end of the course, participants will have fundamental knowledge and skills to perform the following tasks:

Total Duration:32 hours
Number of Sessions:8 sessions
Schedule:Saturday, Sunday
Sessions per Week:4 sessions
Lesson Structure: 4 hours 
+ Theory:1 hour
+ Practice:3 hours


Each lesson covers a comprehensive content in the field of Digital Marketing. Participants will be guided by experts currently working directly in the business, providing both theoretical insights and practical applications for each content. Participants can directly apply the learned content to their work or activities.


At the end of the course, participants will have fundamental knowledge and skills to perform the following tasks:

– Analyze customer needs and characteristics
– Create and manage fan pages
– Run and optimize Facebook ads
– Create accounts and run ads on Google
– Write Google ad content
– Research strategies and build keywords
– Create advertising campaigns on Google search network
– Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns


Participants who complete the course content and meet the requirements will receive a "Digital Marketing 4.0" certificate from Phu Xuan University. Participants who have not completed all course content can join (free of charge) the remaining content in the next course to meet the certification requirements.

Tuition Fees

The course fee is 3.0 million VND per participant for both modules. If you register for individual modules, the tuition fee is 1.6 million VND per module. Groups receive the following fee reductions:

Group SizeDiscount Rate
– 2 people10%
– 3 people15%
– 4 or more people20%
– Student (*)20%
– Group of 2 students15%
– Group of 3-4 students25%
– Group of 5 students40%
(*) Students currently studying at Phu Xuan University receive a 15% fee reduction, a group of 2 people receives a 20% discount, and a group of 3-4 people receives a 25% discount.