On the morning of September 28, 2023, the Vietnamese Student Association at Phu Xuan University successfully organized the 3rd Congress of the Vietnamese Student Association, term 2023-2025.

The honorable event was attended by leaders from the Central Youth Union, Provincial Youth Union, Phu Xuan University, and representatives from various student associations.

With determination and the slogan "Unity – Creativity – Responsibility – Integration"

The main goal of the congress is to continue building a new generation of students with high ideals. These are students with revolutionary ethics, leading a wholesome lifestyle, always striving in academic and scientific research, and keeping abreast of new technologies. PXU students need to possess specialized knowledge, a rich understanding of history and society, and also must respect and abide by the law.

Hội sinh viên trường Đại học Phú Xuân năng động, sáng tạo

The congress unanimously agreed on the action slogan for the Student Association and the student movement for the 2023-2025 period as "Phu Xuan University students unite – create – take responsibility – integrate." This slogan was demonstrated during the congress as the organizing committee implemented measures to save resources and protect the environment. Notably, there was a reduction in the use of environmentally harmful materials, and QR codes were utilized for online access to documents instead of unnecessary printing. Additionally, the use of glass bottles instead of plastic ones contributed to reducing plastic waste, aligning with the goal of maintaining a green, clean, and beautiful living environment.

Summing up the previous term with many proud achievements

The student movement at Phu Xuan University has achieved significant milestones in the past year. New clubs were established, diversifying student activities. Existing clubs also experienced substantial growth, providing many opportunities for students to express and develop their interests.

Moreover, the association organized numerous voluntary and charitable activities, not only aiding students in learning and accumulating experiences but also positively impacting society and the community. Skill-related events helped students develop personal abilities and prepare for the future.

Congratulations to the successful congress of the PXU Student Association

The guiding speech by Comrade Lam Tung, Member of the Executive Committee, Deputy Head of the Central Youth Union, Central Committee Member of the Vietnamese Student Association, and also the Director of the Support and Development Center for Vietnamese Students, provided positive feedback and boosted the spirit of the university's student association. Comrade Lam Tung praised the remarkable achievements of the association in the past term. He expressed expectations and trust in the Executive Committee of the third term, hoping that they would propose breakthrough solutions and detailed plans to overcome current limitations, especially in areas where the association has not fully met the requirements and expectations of the Party Committee, the University Administration, as well as the extensive membership and students of the university.

The congress conducted elections for key positions in the Executive Committee of the third term. The election results produced a young, enthusiastic, and promising leadership team:

  • Comrade Tran Quoc Vuong was elected as the Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association, term III.
  • Comrade Nguyen Tien Thinh assumed the position of Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association, term III, and Head of the Inspection Committee of the Vietnamese Student Association, term III.
  • Comrade Doan Thu Huong was elected as Vice Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association, term III.

Once again, congratulations and hopes that the comrades will excel in their duties during this term, contributing to the development of the Student Association and the student community, while continuing to build a quality learning and development environment at Phu Xuan University.