Have you graduated from Vocational School or College and want to pursue a regular university degree? Are you currently enrolled in a college or university program and considering transferring to a regular university program at Phu Xuan University? Check out the information below for various options.

Phu Xuan University offers admissions for transfer students to pursue regular university programs. With flexible training schedules, students can choose to study in the DAY or EVENING classes. Transfer students enjoy all the benefits, scholarships, and incentives available to regular students.

trường đại học phú xuân

Details of the university's admission announcement:

1. Individuals with a degree from Vocational School, College, or Vocational College.

2. Individuals currently enrolled in a college program can apply to continue their education in a university program at Phu Xuan University.

3. Individuals currently enrolled in a college program can apply to transfer to a university program (in the same field or a different field) at Phu Xuan University.

4. Individuals who have already graduated from university can apply to study in a different field at Phu Xuan University.

1. Meet the admission criteria for regular university programs at Phu Xuan University (according to the University's annual admission plan).

2. Provide an official transcript confirming the completed coursework.

3. Have good health as per the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Training.

4. Not be serving a sentence or under criminal investigation.

Training Fields, Training Organization, and Graduation Diplomas

NoTraining majorsMajor code
1Information Technology7480201
2Business Administration7340101
4English Language7220201
5Chinese Language7220204
6Vietnamese Studies7310630



Credit-based Training System

  • Students are recognized for the transferability of their academic achievements and the volume of knowledge and skills they have accumulated. The credits they have earned previously will be acknowledged.
  • Upon graduation, students will be awarded a formal university degree.

Admission Method: Apply the university admission criteria of Phu Xuan University according to the reported University Admissions Plan to the Ministry of Education and Training.


  • Application form for transfer admission to university (download the form on the University's website)
  • Certified copy of the Vocational School/College diploma; Diploma of Intermediate or College level obtained from foreign educational institutions must be recognized according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training or the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs.
  • Academic transcripts for each semester, certified by the previous educational institution.
  • Certified copy of the high school diploma (with the original for verification)
  • Physical Education and National Defense-Security Education certificates (certified copies, if applicable)
  • Copy of the birth certificate (or a certified copy)
  • ID card (no certification required)
  • Four 3x4cm photos
  • Documents to prove eligibility for preferential treatment and scholarships (if applicable)

Fees and Tuition

  • Application and document review fee: 100,000 VND/application
  • Tuition fee: 560,000 VND/credit/student, averaging 15 credits/semester
  • Admission fee: 850,000 VND/student

Expected Timeline

  • Application submission period: From the announcement date
  • Multiple admission rounds throughout the year

Contact Information

  • Admissions Office - Phu Xuan University, 176 Tran Phu - Hue.
  • Tel: (+84) 234 7306888