With the project "Exploiting the Distribution System of Hue Specialty Channels," a group of students from Phu Xuan University in Hue has successfully convinced investors and raised a total investment of 250 million VND.

Doan Thi To Uyen, Tran Thi Thanh Lam, Vo Thi Kieu Trinh, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ngan - the student startup team of Phu Xuan University

Participating in the Demo Day competition - the 2019 Investment Connection Day to further enhance support and connections between businesses, investors, startup support funds, and universities, organized by Hue University, the team from Phu Xuan University not only presented their project well but also secured an investment of 250 million VND, surpassing their initial target of 100 million VND. This investment was made by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hung (Director of AIO Fund) with support from other investors participating in the project advisory board.

Investors continuously questioned the project team with many practical and challenging questions.

The project "Exploiting the Distribution System of Hue Specialty Channels" fundamentally addresses the problem faced by producers of Hue specialties – the difficulty in finding markets for their products after production. The project expands beyond traditional specialties like sesame candy and pickled shrimp, reaching potential specialties such as Vatra tea, candied tea, handmade handicrafts, Hue-style beef noodle spices, etc. The initiative also establishes strong connections through hotels, exhibition booths at fairs and workshops, and aims to export products abroad. The project left a profound impression and garnered significant attention from the competition's judging panel.

Nguyen Thanh Nhat Quang (K16 Business Administration student) shared: "We approached Demo Day with the spirit of 'ringing the bell in foreign lands,' so we tried our best to demonstrate and learn from other teams. With careful preparation and guidance from our teachers during the idea development process, we were pleasantly surprised to defeat formidable opponents from other large universities in the province and win the highest funding in the entire competition."

Nguyen Thanh Nhat Quang - K16 Business Administration student presenting the project to investors.

The project team gathers on stage to address questions from investors.

Students at Phu Xuan University, trained with a parallel focus on "Attitude - Skills - Knowledge," along with practical experience through projects, develop soft skills, and engage with businesses. This approach enables them to adapt quickly to work, acquire management skills, and work professionally.

Investors agree to provide funding and commit to accompanying the project, posing for a photo with the project team.

Box: In 2020, Phu Xuan University enrolled students in new majors such as Communication - Events, International Business, Applied Literature, alongside popular majors that are the university's foundation, including IT, Business Administration, and Tourism. With the motto "Study to Get a Job" and a foundation of cooperation with businesses, students at Phu Xuan University are confident in studying in a dynamic environment with many adaptive innovations in line with societal trends.