On the occasion of commemorating the 17th anniversary of its establishment and in support of the information technology human resources attraction and training policies of Thua Thien Hue Province, Phu Xuan University has introduced a dual scholarship program. The university's newly introduced policy has garnered significant attention from parents, students, and especially the enrollment decision of a group of five students from Gia Hoi High School, including:

  • The group of five students comprises 2 class captains, 2 vice captains, and one student admitted with a score of 24, majoring in Information Technology.
  • These students will receive a dual scholarship, entailing a 10% reduction in the total tuition fee for the group of five registrants, a scholarship for class officers, and a gratitude policy in celebration of the university's 17th anniversary.

These students chose Phu Xuan University due to its dynamic environment and industry-aligned education. At the university's first campus, there are five IT companies operating, recruiting over 500 personnel annually.

In their first meeting, these new students had the opportunity to witness software production activities and the working environment at 3S Hue International Software Company – one of the key partners of the university.

A warm welcome to these students who have chosen to join Phu Xuan University.