The Digital Transformation Consortium, sponsored by the British Council, jointly led by Phu Xuan University and Liverpool Business School in the United Kingdom, has gained strong support and recognition in Vietnam during the project launch event held in Hue, Vietnam. The Digi:Change Consortium focuses on collaborative elements to build a national strategic roadmap, training programs, and advisory services, as well as constructing a broad network ecosystem and resources to establish a digital transformation system in universities across Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

Project leader in the UK, Professor Tony Wall here Liverpool Business School, stated, "Our consortium is part of the British Council's Global Partnership Program, emphasizing collaboration and co-creation for a common goal of making a societal impact. We aim to create a Digital Transformation Center that anticipates future trends based on the principles of prosperity, integration, and greenhouse gas reduction."

  1. Ho Thi Hanh Tien, President of Phu Xuan University, Deputy Head of the Digi:Đổi Consortium, shared, "I emphasize the importance of jointly developing and sharing engaging teaching and learning activities to help our students reach success. This also contributes to elevating teaching and research in our university to an international level. It enhances confidence in a multicultural international working environment for all faculty members and students."

Please complete the project participation feedback form, so that we can invite leaders, professional service providers, and researchers from Vietnam to join the upcoming project journey with the hope of creating significant value for society.

The Digi:Đổi Consortium is one of the selected projects marking the 30th anniversary of the British Council's cooperation and development in Vietnam. It involves participation from many leaders and innovative experts in the digital transformation field from the UK, Vietnam, and Southeast Asian countries, including:

Over 200 participants, including leaders, managers, specialists, researchers, and experts from universities across Vietnam, attended the Digi:Đổi Consortium launch event, both in-person and online. The event particularly included the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, the British Council in Vietnam , and local government leadership.

The following reports were presented by digital transformation experts from the UK and Vietnam at the Digi:Đổi Consortium launch event:

  • "Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Transformation: from business models to digital learning methods" – Tony Wall (LJMU)
  • "Collaboration and Co-creation through digital platforms" – Katie Hyslop (LJMU)
  • "Turning the inaccessible into accessible through digital learning" – Dr. Sonja Rewhorn (The Open University)
  • "Integrating digital learning in the Industry 4.0 era" – Mr. Truong Ngoc Hoang (Festo Didactic).

Vietnamese media reported on the Digi:Đổi Consortium launch event, with the Vietnam Education newspaper highlighting the strategic importance of the digital transformation consortium: "The project is expected to create a strong impact and contribute to enhancing digital transformation capabilities for higher education in Vietnam, as well as spreading positive effects in the ASEAN and the UK regions."

During the project launch event, the practical professional experiences of leaders and delegates from various regions of Vietnam were shared and contributed. According to the Vietnam Education newspaper : "In the exchange and discussion sessions, the project also recorded many opinions and enthusiastic sharing from representatives of universities, colleges, high schools, and businesses."

Mr. Phạm Ngọc Lan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Vietnam Association of University and College Presidents, agreed to participate in the project, contributing to the Digital Transformation Consortium. According to his statement, "This is a pivotal project contributing to meeting the practical needs of the Vietnamese university system, thereby enhancing the ability to proactively integrate into future trends."

The visit and work of the UK expert delegation in Vietnam also included a schedule of visits and practical experiences at organizations corresponding to various digital transformation needs. The delegation had discussions and listened to the desires of business owners where students and young workers in general are studying, interning, and working. The following units were covered:

  • 3S technology company, a global technology support company.
  • Hope Center in Hue, a social enterprise supporting digital business capabilities for people with disabilities.
  • Lavin Home, a social enterprise supporting creative handicraft activities, building a community of deaf individuals working.
  • Hue Imperial City, attracting visitors with virtual reality technology, contributing to enhancing the experience and genuine understanding of the UNESCO-recognized heritage site.
  • Leaders, professional service providers, researchers, and academic experts from Vietnam seeking practical benefits from the project through digital teaching and learning activities, coaching models, and applied research are kindly requested to complete the project participation feedback form. dự án.

The success of the Digi:Đổi Consortium is based on the collaborative development initiative of Liverpool Business School to create positive impacts through universities, supported by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education in the United Kingdom and the leadership of the European Symposium for Sustainability in Business Education . Innovation is implemented through games, shared digital learning experiences, and documentation through the Springer Handbook.

Deputy Rector and Director of Liverpool John Moores University, Prof. Mark Power  shared: "The Digi:Đổi Consortium represents strong values such as education centered on learners, integration, community, and positive impacts. This is a model of collaboration for a digital future that is already present here. I will encourage many partner units to join this impactful digital transformation consortium."

The 'Digi:Đổi Consortium' project is sponsored by the Global Partnership Program (GGP) of the British Council based on the results of the report 'Digital Readiness in Vietnamese Universities' conducted by the British Council. The global GGP program aims to build stronger, more comprehensive, and internationally connected university and vocational education systems. The GGP program in Vietnam is implemented by the British Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Training to support the development and enhancement of the quality of higher education in Vietnam. It aligns with the internationalization strategy of higher education in the United Kingdom and Vietnam.