The iTD Informatics Center at Phu Xuan University is pleased to announce the organization of the examination and issuance of the "Basic Information Technology Application" certificate. Details are as follows:

1. Exam schedule: December 17, 2023 (Sunday)

2. Exam format:  Conducting 02 computer-based exams (01 multiple-choice exam and 01 practical exam)

3. Fee for review, examination, and certificate issuance: As per regulations

4. Review of knowledge and IT skills: According to the provisions of Circular No. 03/2014/TT BTTTT dated March 11, 2014, of the Ministry of Information and Communications on regulations for standardizing information technology skills.

5. Registration dossier includes: 

  • 01 registration form for review and examination (according to the template)
  • 01 copy of one of the following documents: ID card, citizen identification card, passport, or birth certificate accompanied by a stamped photo-bearing document
  • 02 ảnh 4 x 6 cm (theo kiểu ảnh chúng minh nhân dân được chụp không quá 6 tháng truoc ngày đăng ký dự thi, mặt sau của ảnh ghi rõ họ và tên, ngày, tháng, năm sinh, nơi sinh).

6. Exam location:

  • iTD Informatics Center - Phu Xuan University, 176 Tran Phu, Phuoc Vinh, Hue City
  • Contact phone number: 0234 7306 888 (Admissions Department)