11/07/2003 – 11/07/2023

Celebrating 20 Years of Establishment Phu Xuan University


Founded on July 11, 2003, and spanning two decades of construction and development, Phu Xuan University has been striving to become a pioneering university in innovative transformations based on an entrepreneurial spirit and professional action. With this aspiration, the university continuously enhances its infrastructure, training programs, and teaching applications through advanced models such as "Learning Office" and "Learning Project" to optimize employment opportunities for learners. The achievements of students over the years are reflected in both employment and practical skills, essential criteria affirming Phu Xuan University as a trusted educational institution in Vietnamese society and the higher education ecosystem.

In the desire to foster unity among every member of the Phu Xuan family, and to evoke pride in each of us for our beloved institution, as well as to continue the dreams of generations of faculty and students, Phu Xuan University is honored to organize a series of events commemorating the 20th anniversary of its establishment (July 11, 2003 – July 11, 2023) under the theme


For the Ceremony

To ensure the success we anticipate

Phu Xuan University hopes to receive enthusiastic contributions and support, both in spirit and material, from esteemed partners, faculty, and students across different eras.

Forms of supportive contributions include:

The 'Flowing PXU' Program

Welcoming Alumni in the Spaces of Various Departments

08/07 - 10/07

Opening of the Photo Exhibition

Opening of the Photo Exhibition

Morning 08/07

“Thanks Day”

“Thanks Day”

Morning 08/07

Scientific Research Seminar: "Gratitude – Continuation"

Enhancing the Quality of Education in the Digital Age

Afternoon 08/07

"PXU-20 Dance" Competition

"PXU-20 Dance" Competition and Martial Arts Demonstration

Morning 09/07

"Happiness Encounter Night - 20 Years of Homecoming"

"Happiness Encounter Night - 20 Years of Homecoming" - an exchange among generations of faculty, lecturers, and students

Evening 09/07

Workshop DIGI:ĐỔI

Evening 10/07

Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Phu Xuan University

Event: "Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Phu Xuan University"

Morning 11/07

Other student-participated supporting events

Other student-participated supporting events